A Formula to Win Personally, Professionally, and Organizationally

Corporate Social Impact:
A Formula to Win Personally, Professionally, and Organizationally

Whether newer to the workforce or with 20 or more years’ experience, so many of us are:

  1. Feeling the weight of burnout and disengagement,
  2. Yearning for more meaning and purpose, and
  3. Wanting to make a difference in solving issues facing our world and those we care about.

Organizationally, many of us are also struggling to attract and retain top talent, clients, vendors, and investors to help us grow and be sustained.

There are many factors that lead to these circumstances, but when the prolonged work overload is finally addressed and the workflow improved, how do we re-engage?

After we have “mastered our craft” and “made a name” for ourselves, how do we find greater meaning and purpose… and make a difference beyond the office and our immediate families?

Effective corporate social impact is a strategy that works on many fronts.

Corporate social impact initiatives done well allow us to leverage our work and our careers to accomplish so much more personally and professionally, and furthers our connection (and loyalty) to the organizations that make it possible.

Work and impact does not need to be an “either-or”!

“Corporate social impact done well and strategically is a catalyst for personal, professional, and organizational growth, engagement, and improved branding.”

-Peter C. Atherton

Corporate social impact (often used synonymously with “corporate social responsibility” or “corporate responsibility”) is generally defined as organizations taking action to “do good” and “make a difference” within environmental, social, and ethical governance domains, while being responsive to the need to successfully operate and create high value and profit business-wise for the benefit of customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Corporate social impact can and should be customized to meet an organization’s specific internal and external goals.  Your corporate social impact is the vehicle to leverage the skills, talents, assets, gifts, experiences, and resources of your organization, employees, and even other stakeholders toward the constituents and communities you desire to be associated with.

Corporate social impact that differentiates and attracts is no longer just about writing a check!

Well-designed corporate social impact programs have the intended benefit of enhancing an organization’s culture.  Such programs can also restore lost efficacy and offer participants personal and professional growth opportunities, as well as new connections outside of our typical product and service offerings.  When continued, these programs boost our brand presence, build equity, and increase both actual and perceived value.

Based on a recent study of Fortune 500 companies by Deloitte, organizations typically fall into one of four social impact archetypes:

“Shareholder Maximizers” focus on generating returns and represented only 11% of the companies studied.

Corporate Contributors” generally have programs or initiatives developed in response to external customer or internal employee desires with the goal to primarily mitigate risk.  In this setting, external contributions are often centralized and limited in terms of choice. They can also take the form of more siloed and disparate financial donations or volunteer efforts within the organizations. 53% of the companies studied fell into this archetype.

Impact Integrators” are more internally motivated to achieve some sort of an external mission through the integration of business strategy and human capital, and worked across business units. In professional settings, integrating impact could involve designing staff engagement, development, and pro-bono activities more strategically and in ways that resonate both internally and externally.  This archetype represented a growing 33% of companies.

Social Innovators” are more of the true social enterprises where the core mission is the business. Examples of these types of companies with which many of us may be familiar include Patagonia®, which has a mission to “…cause no unnecessary harm” and “use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis”, as well as TOMS® Shoes, which donates a pair of shoes for a child in need for every pair purchased.  3% of the companies fell into this newest archetype.

“For most organizations today, the opportunity to immediately begin to inspire others and differentiate in the marketplace lies with being more strategic and purposeful as a “corporate contributor” or moving toward becoming an “impact integrator.”

-Peter C. Atherton

Organizational leaders can perform corporate social impact planning and design as a standalone initiative or as an enhancement to more conventional strategic planning efforts, which most often fall short in establishing the type of employee engagement that matters most and drives growth.

Organizations who don’t take the initiative to create conditions that attract and retain top talent run the risk of losing talent to more forward-thinking competitors, the fast-growing freelance economy, or to a new side-hustle (an entrepreneurial venture outside of our full-time job that aligns with our interests and passions).

Today, mission matters and impact wins.

To your winning,

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Pete Atherton

About the Author

Pete is the President and Founder of ActionsProve, LLC, author of Reversing Burnout. How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow! A Blueprint for Professionals and Business Owners, and creator of the I.M.P.A.C.T. process.  ActionsProve works with leaders and organizations to create greater growth and profits through better strategic planning, executive coaching, leadership and management development, performance-based employee engagement, and corporate impact design.  Prior to founding ActionsProve, and for more than 20 years, Pete was a very successful and accomplished professional engineer.  Pete sold his engineering firm ownership to focus on designing systems for you and your organization to grow and succeed in the 21st century. Pete is also host of the AEC Leadership Today podcast.

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quiz are you overwhelmed 001

Are you feeling overwhelmed, or are you burning out?

There is a big difference and each requires a different approach. Take this FREE quiz to find out where you stand and learn exactly how you (and your team!) can get back on track.

quiz are you overwhelmed 001

Are you feeling overwhelmed, or are you burning out?

There is a big difference and each requires a different approach. Take this FREE quiz to find out where you stand and learn exactly how you (and your team!) can get back on track.

Corporate Social Impact: A Formula to Win Personally, Professionally, and Organizationally