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How can you best secure all the work you want from your ideal clients?

How can you best attract, onboard, train, develop, and retain all the talent you need – both today and over the long-term?

How can you best design and evolve your processes and systems to better and more profitably perform, and do so in ways to more positively standout in the workplace, marketplace, and recruiting space?

All these questions can and should be answered through effective strategic planning. 

Effective strategic planning should also consider a subset or combination of the following key elements:

  • Industry and peer benchmarking 
  • Your ideal approach to market sectors, client types, disciplines, and geographic focus – where it’s best to diversify, where it’s best to niche, and why – what I call “clarifying our matrix”
  • Specific growth strategies, including those through mergers and acquisitions
  • Business process mapping and education 
  • Marketing and branding audits, positioning assessments, and next-level category design (if and when applicable)
  • Support systems optimization, including those associated with HR, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and IT 
  • Technological gaps, innovation, productization, and use of flexible business models 
  • Leadership and ownership succession 
  • Confirmation and/or the redefining of your team and your organization’s mission, vision, and values
  • Your ability to operate and succeed as a high functioning team

After an initial assessment, we custom design the strategic planning process that will work best for you and your specific needs, goals, and objectives. 

Depending on different factors, this process may feature a 1 to 2-day event or multiple full and partial-day workshops, but events and workshops alone don’t work! 

Successful strategic planning and execution is a true process that must be designed to gather all necessary inputs, both internal and external, in order to achieve all necessary buy-in and alignment. 

“I’ve been on both sides of strategic planning as a facilitator and practitioner and know what works and what doesn’t”

-Peter C. Atherton, PE

Your process is specifically designed to provide you and your team with a listing of all your key area priorities, along with the specific strategies, tactics, and actions to achieve them – and do so in the context of your overall mission, vision, goals, and objectives.  

In addition to gathering all the necessary inputs and insights, we structure your planning to also leverage ActionsProve’s exclusive I.M.P.A.C.T. elements – designed specifically to help ensure both successful plan development and successful plan implementation, and are elements that are especially necessary in this new era where authenticity, capacity, and the willingness to trigger new action is essential.  

These leveraged elements include: 

  • Taking full Inventory of your present situation, goals, and gaps.
  • Understanding and confirming your Mission as a team and organization.
  • Designing an effective and strategic Plan to meet all your goals and objectives. 
  • Developing and refining your team and organizational Authenticity to ensure you are credibly positioned to succeed with your plan.
  • Creating your team and organizational Capacity to successfully support and execute the plan.
  • Establishing the framework and specific steps to Trigger new team and organizational action to achieve results.

The fact is that the majority of strategic plans fail or fail to be fully implemented and a big reason is the strategic planning process itself. Don’t let that be you! 

Our strategic planning process has been and can be successfully executed 100% remote, 100% in-person, and through the right combination of both.

Don’t miss out on your greater present and future!

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