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There is no question that strategic and effective corporate social impact is powerful in terms of employee engagement and marketplace growth and branding.  

We know this and want to move forward. 

We also know that strategic and effective corporate social impact allows us to better use and leverage our individual and collective “S.T.A.G.E.” – our skills, talent, assets, gifts, and experiences to make a greater difference… and connects us to greater meaning and purpose.

So, why don’t more of us move from being merely a “corporate contributor” to more of an “impact integrator” or “social innovator”? 

So many of us simply don’t know where to start, what to do, and want a qualified expert to walk us through. 

Well, we have solved this problem! 

“Alongside my professional career, I’ve spent many years designing and implementing a variety of essential infrastructure, education, enterprise, and community development projects in the service sector that produced true impact and changed lives.”

–Peter C. Atherton, PE 

As an organization or as a division, group, office, or team,

Why wait to:

  • Better differentiate yourself as a true firm of choice both internally and externally?  
  • Increase your impact on the people and communities you value most – including those within your organization? 
  • Have a proven employee and client engagement and strategic growth blueprint to use moving forward? 


Why continue to:

  • Try to impress clients, prospects, and talent with the same old marketing, branding, recruitment, and training and development strategies?
  • Have unnecessary, expensive, and disruptive employee disengagement and turnover?
  • Rely on recruiters alone to attract top talent?
  • Remain on the sidelines and not fully leverage your organization’s unique skills, talents, assets, gifts, and experiences in solving some of the biggest issues we face and largest opportunities before us?  

In our industry, we are true problem solvers. 

Across our firms, there is true convergence around impact. Collectively we seek to serve and to make a true difference – both through and beyond our work projects. 

Growth, impact, engagement, and winning cultures are all connected. 

As leaders, we can provide the growth and impact opportunities top talent both wants and needs to be fully engaged and inspired over the long-term… and begin to do so in as little as 90 days with our Fast Start program!

Ready to get started and get results?

Reach out to us and find out how you can achieve greater impact while positively standing out in the areas that matter most!

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