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1-on-1 Coaching

Team and Group Coaching

Preventing and Reversing Burnout Coaching and Fast Start Program

In order to stay on top and to grow and prosper through all of our work and life seasons and organizational growth cycles, most successful leaders leverage the benefits of a coach.

A great coach is someone who can: 

  • Provide you with fresh insights, objective feedback, and sound counsel on matters we are often too close to see    
  • Help you stay focused on establishing and achieving all of your personal, professional, and organizational goals and objectives without overload, overwhelm, or distraction 
  • Be your confidential resource, confidant, and safe harbor when the inevitable challenges mount and storms arrive 
  • Help you find the best ways to leverage your “S.T.A.G.E.” – your skills, talent, assets, gifts, and experiences to make a greater difference at work and beyond 
  • Help you “A.C.T.” as a leader with greater authenticity, capacity, and with a willingness to trigger new action – all essential elements for greater success in this new era 

After an initial coaching consult to determine if there’s a fit and help establish trust, we can begin.

We begin in the places and with the matters most important to you and then transition into our defined coaching and mentoring process. 

In all cases, we are focused on facilitating your greater growth and success with a higher degree of freedom, flexibility, and control. 

We also offer a specific preventing and reversing burnout coaching program. 

Because of the investment we make in you, we have a minimum 6 to 12-month commitment for all of our coaching programs, with the one exception being our 7-week Preventing and Reversing Burnout Fast Start program.

Great coaching will both expand and accelerate your success

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Trying to figure it all out yourself can be lonely and will not lead to faster growth or greater results.

Take more control, stay on top, and have more fun as you grow and prosper!

Reach out to us now to determine whether and how this can be a great fit for you and your personal, professional, and organizational goals and objectives