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The facts are:

When it comes to ensuring long-term team and organizational growth and success, leadership is everything and… 

When it comes to current and near-term profit and loss, client service, risk mitigation, and employee engagement, management is where ‘the rubber hits the road’.  

We often say that leaders need to lead, and managers need to manage, but the reality is that leaders need to also manage, and managers need to also lead. 

The lines between leadership and management are too often blurred by our multi-faceted titles and dual-purpose positions as principals, leaders, managers, doers, and sellers. 

The lines become less blurred when we and our teams better understand our specific roles and functions for any particular project or initiative… and, as importantly, which “hard” and “soft” skills are most needed for success with each role and function.


It also remains true that:

  • The vast majority of managers (and those who eventually become leaders) are promoted based on their technical skills. 
  • Employees most often leave individual managers and leaders, not organizations. 
  • The relationship with one’s direct supervisor at any level is 70-percent of the variance on employee engagement at all levels
  • We cannot deliver long-term project excellence and client success unless we first (and then continue to) deliver leadership, management and employee excellence and success.  

Do you want your leaders and leadership teams to be: 

  • More relevant,
  • More effective, and 
  • Be better positioned to deliver long-term growth and success? 

Do you want your managers and management teams to: 

  • Perform better and more collaboratively,
  • Create the conditions for greater employee engagement, retention, and loyalty, and 
  • Drive needed process changes and innovation to successfully evolve our work and workflow systems? 

If so, then our leadership and management development programs are for you!

We absolutely need more and better fundamental “hard skills” when it comes to business process, scope, schedule, and budget management. 

We also need a much higher level of “soft” and “essential” people skills.

“I have been in your shoes as a manager, principal, doer, seller, and owner and know first-hand how the lines can get crossed but, more importantly, know how we can achieve greater clarity and results.”

–Peter C. Atherton, P.E.

Our flexible and customizable training and development programs are specifically designed to focus on both the fundamental “hard skills” and the essential “soft skills”, including a subset or combination of the following elements – often associated with a team’s or organization’s most pressing needs and biggest opportunities to improve:

New era leadership

Stress management and burnout prevention

The need for growth

Effective communication, collaboration, and decision-making

The differences and overlap of leadership and management in AEC

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Business development and sales

Time, schedule, and workload management

Critical and strategic thinking

Engaging and inspiring both employees and clients

Business planning and driving results

Delegation, teaching, coaching, and mentoring

What it means to be a principal and owner

Designing better client experiences

Developing high-functioning and loyal teams

Conflict resolution and change management

Pre-packaged programs and singular-focused 1 to 2-day workshops and bootcamps provide value, but don’t drive the big-picture understandings and necessary behavior, process, and system changes needed for better long-term results. 

We need more specific skills – yes, but those specific skills must be delivered and must be useable in the context of our day-to-day reality and our goals for the future. 

Our leadership and management development programs are specifically designed to leverage workshops and presentations, along with strategically designed and facilitated peer-to-peer learning groups – a combination necessary to deliver tangible skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied in the context of our actual roles and functions and the target logic model for work today.

(Target logic model for work today and graphic originally developed as part of my book, Reversing Burnout. How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow!)

By making sure we focus on specific roles, functions, skills, and the “big-picture”, our program is specifically designed to drive greater results while also helping to enhance greater relationships, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and trust throughout your teams and organization.

Ready to get started and get results? 

We need more great leaders and managers throughout our teams and organization – and time is of the essence!  

There’s too much at risk not to, and the cost of inaction is too high.

Reach out to us now to position your organization to deliver greater near and long-term success through better leadership and management development