Fast-Start Program

60 to 90-day Corporate Impact and Enhanced Employee Engagement Fast Start Program

As an organization or as a division, group, office, or team,

Why wait to:

  • Better differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • Increase your impact on the people and communities you value most?
  • Have a proven and strategic impact, engagement, and growth blueprint to use moving forward?

Why continue to:

  • Try to impress clients, prospects, and talent with the same old marketing, branding, and recruitment strategies?
  • Have unnecessary, expensive, and disruptive employee turnover?
  • Rely solely or heavily on recruiters and recruiter fees to attract top talent?

There is no question that strategic and effective Corporate Impact is powerful in terms of engagement, growth, and branding.  We know this and want to move forward.

We also know that effective impact connects us to greater meaning and purpose… and can be leveraged to attract and retain top talent, clients, vendors, and investors to help us grow and be sustained… yet so many of us don’t pull the trigger… Why?

So many of us simply don’t know where to start, what to do, and want a qualified expert to walk us through.  ActionsProve has solved this problem!

We have developed a 60 to 90-day Fast Start Program to give leaders and organizations exclusive access and a path to an immediate impact win, as well as a blueprint to use moving forward.  

In just 2 to 3 months you will have:

  • Your employee engagement, corporate social responsibility, and community impact related efforts documented, categorized, mapped, and benchmarked against three of your top competitors using the latest metrics.
  • A list of five immediate environmental, social, or community service learning themed impact opportunities to strategically advance your specific internal and external goals.  Leader, employee, and client driven opportunities will be considered, and opportunities will focus on organization or specific division, group, office, and team stakeholder levels, as desired.  
  • A draft engagement and implementation plan for the top-rated opportunity and selected participants.
  • Two customized online and/or in-house training sessions related to “Corporate Social Impact” and “Serving Well” to raise awareness, build excitement, and ensure the desired outcome.  
  • Final design plan and implementation of the top-rated opportunity.
  • A results report with newsletter, press release, and social media copy and imagery.
  • Recommendations on how best to move forward now that you have seen and enjoyed the benefits of your first win and have a blueprint to leverage.

Ready to get started and get results?


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