Pete Atherton is a rare breed of entrepreneur. Most are bottom line focused, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, with this important book, you too will discover that Pete has put his money where his mouth – and heart – is by leaving a high paying executive position to help more leaders and companies with a perplexing and growing problem – burnout.

Reversing Burnout – How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow takes a fresh look at the problem, and also gives several new and well thought out strategies that in my opinion can be easily implemented and make a real and lasting difference, beginning today.

In full disclosure, Pete is not only a friend but a coaching client. When Pete shared his idea for this book, my first reaction was, “this can’t be another book that just talks about burnout!” And, to his credit, Pete didn’t do that – he provided us an answer to it.  Through the experience he has as a leader, and more importantly, as a visionary, I see clearly why Pete left his executive position to help far more companies than just his former understand what top talent wants and lead them in creating solutions that ultimately help companies grow and prosper.

Pete is passionate about solving this problem and has made helping others win at both work and life his new focus. I applaud his efforts and after reading this book, you will as well.

Jim Palmer