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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed or Are You Burning-Out?

There’s no question that workers today are busier, wearing more hats, and have more demands on their time. The situation leaves many feeling overwhelmed… but are you feeling overwhelmed, or are you slowly burning-out?

Although they are linked, there is a BIG difference between overwhelm and burnout, and each requires a different approach to win at work and life.

The following 12 questions will help you determine if you are merely overwhelmed, or perhaps burning out. 

After taking this quiz you’ll receive your results and a special report that can help you take control to either resolve your overwhelm or reverse your burnout. 


Answer each question True or False in terms of how you feel most of the time.

P.S. If you are a leader and you think your team may answer the questions differently, you can also click the link in your results to receive the second report.  This way, you will also be positioned to best serve the needs of your team and those you rely on the most.

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